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26 Nov 2011 - 02:29:04 am

Summer air three times to whom the notice surprised a moment

Withdrawal the previous summer wind Ziyaliezui Red Bandit, today is bound to be a day of tragedy, who has just been the guy that is not bully bullying after they were bandits. Explosive sprint: Yu Wong Messenger exclusive skills, speeding the release of consumption of the value of the impact of two hundred internal strength, skills, range ghd pretty in pink of linear meters. H of the summer wind came behind Bandit,ghd outlet Yu Bandit Queen sword pierce straight back of the head, so that fellow Wawataijiao. -841-475-578 Boom! Bandit heavy fell to the ground, leaving a pile of experience and a few gold coins and a piece of equipment back to its cottage. Summer wind looking at the ground of gold and equipment, heart filled with emotion, that is the strength of their already high, but the days are consecutive hit, would have nothing of these bandits are powerful, but the summer wind through the vastness of smoke-free things that make him feel very low. Not only that, in reality, they still have not done one thing that he promised to master, the time until the real world must open his revenge, though himself in his grave said, when he died said not to for his revenge. But he really be able to give up? Star will it? Youngest would it? All things must have results. Pick up the equipment and gold coins on the ground, summer wind View from the property. They can not afford the original, but a game master, as there is no real world. At first, the wind did not quit in the summer when the online games industry in the game, he can personally destroy all the large trade union building, they can be premeditated Three Musketeers break down a line, of course, ultimately, help others, summer Wind is one such master to give his revenge, because they are not the real world power, can not afford.ghd sale Now ithe met the old man, Yu Wong never learned after all of their things have changed, his body began to change with the wonderful, though he knows it all Yu Wong decision is brought, but the wind was definitely the summer, this is heaven to themselves to avenge their master.


To this moment, so they do not know how much time,ghd midnight collection gift set do not know how the own over the past few years, every day, soak in the game, every day thinking about how to topple a few people, although this will be the Three Musketeers break out of fame, but can not cure everything, they still have little to lose, millions, even tens of millions for the family who is simply a large drop in the bucket, but really open to the summer wind industry saw an opportunity once again. Online games better than usual because of this, all the large financial groups regard the family and see the real world of business, as long as their own in the real world to create their own strengths, then they would create their own myths, beat them one by one, All the effort their all gone to waste. Mountains Axe (gold and equipment) can not identify that property. This is the first summer winds destroyed a monster explosion of a weapon, to see the name to know that the weapons used by soldiers, evidently need to sell their own equipment, the waste is to worry about how they get there when the tears Sima, and this summer wind is not luck. Three Musketeers have been established by his guild does not need to lead, but now seems to have been beyond the control of summer wind, because they have to do one thing, you must have their own strength, to depend on others is always not the answer, and now the youngest has not come back, can not gather the three Musketeers. Ding, Imperial Forbidden notice wolf successfully upgraded to two Corps personnel on the line for the hundred! Ding, ghd green Imperial Forbidden notice wolf successfully upgraded to two Corps personnel on the line for the hundred! Ding, Imperial Forbidden notice wolf successfully upgraded to two Corps personnel on the line for the hundred!


Summer air three times to whom the notice surprised a moment,ghd kiss to upgrade two corps of cheap ghd outlet the wolf? See the word summer wind wolf eyes seem a bit dark moments, but soon bounced back, wolf into the real world of his greatest goal, the wolf and his master not only is associated with death, but also on the three swordsman has a fatal blow, the third is the wolfyou all sorry to offend the Three Musketeers. Look inside the resort Bandit groups, summer wind bow out of the deep soul of God, and now we can only rely group attack ghd iv salon styler skills to address these monsters, and his evil value of two hundred do not know when to wash, ah, but Fortunately, the monster is here a lot, but no players, so that the wind was very comfortable in summer,ghd pink Ray would have wanted to enter the cave brush sin value of inflammation, but now it seems too good here. Spirit of God bow skills offerings is undoubtedly the most powerful attacking presence, regardless of archers attacks are the highest in any game, hit one of the most ruthless occupation, as long as the archer to prevent the enemy close, then he is the king. So in recent years, the players play the archer slowly heat up, because we have found that, regardless of team or line of battle, as long as there Xueniu soldiers or knights stand in front of the archers behind the output is the most powerful . Deep spirit of God inside the bow is now the highest real world weapons, of course, in addition to their own imperial sword buildings, it is now solved the first stage of the seal, the expectations of the summer wind so it is all solved when the seal is What properties. Mantianhuayu, breaking the wind tearing the group who attack skills, attack area in accordance with the internal strength values than four multiply, skills cooling time thirty seconds. Ding ~ ~ ~ body reddish light, summer wind suddenly brought the body, ghd gold and bow shooting, many arrows fly, the impulse toward those monsters go crazy. H ~ H ~ -1470-2001 -1781-1541 -3487-6871 "

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